Quebec Investment Program

The Benefits of Quebec’s Investment Method:

– Obtain permanent residency in Quebec and then the Federal Republic of Canada without having to enter Canada for entrepreneurship or job creation.

– Permanent residence without the need for English or French language qualifications

– Permanent residence for the applicant, spouse and children under his / her custody

Among the changes introduced on March 28, 2018, the Quebec Investment Program has increased both the net asset requirement and the investment requirement since the last period. Previous requirements were net assets of $ 1.6 million CAD and investment of CAD 800,000.
Eligibility for Quebec Investment Program:
– Applicants must own, alone or together with their spouse, a property valued at cash and non-cash value (whether documented property, land under construction license,…) equivalent to at least $ 2,000,000 To be Canadian (equivalent to 6,650,000,000 Tomans at the rate of the Central Bank of Canada dollar) whose legal origin may be the property.

– Financing CAD $ 1,200,000 with approved institutions or paying grants to one of Quebec’s authorized financial intermediary agencies (approximately CAD $ 300,000) to participate in the program.

Other eligibility requirements include: Over 18 years of age, management experience, intention to reside in Quebec and obtain the required score under the Quebec Score System.

It should be noted that those who receive permanent residence in Canada are subject to a law called the Canadian Charter of Freedoms and Equality. This charter allows all Canadians anywhere in Canada to have the right to study or work, and provincial laws cannot affect this principle.

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