Self-employment in Quebec province

Quebec self-employed program provides qualified people with an opportunity to obtain a Canadian permanent resident visa to effectively engage in their professional business in Quebec.

Note: On March 28, 2018, the Department of Immigration in Quebec announced the announcement of some changes and the creation of a specific list of specialist businesses, which will shortly list a new list of eligible businesses and financial deposits.


– Become a permanent resident of Quebec, then the Canadian Federal

– Acquiring permanent residence for the applicant and spouse and children under his care

– Benefit from Canada’s Free Health System

– Applicant children will be allowed to study free at Canadian schools.

– There is a possibility to receive a student loan and scholarship if full-time education is available after the secondary school.

Conditions of eligibility:

– having intention to stay permanently in the province of Quebec

– Carry out self-employment activities in the province of Quebec

– Owning the minimum net worth of the property legally acquired is at least $ 100,000 Canadian money available to the applicant or jointly with his spouse (if accompanied by a spouse in Canada);

– Having work experience associated with self-employment for at least two years

– Performing medical examinations and passing successfully from the lack of background

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